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'n Lys met die episodes asook kort videos wat jou 'n voorsmaak van elke episode in die nuwe reeks sal gee.

Transformation success stories in the Western Cape

Discussion Points: Some of the pioneer transformation successes in agriculture emanates from the Cape. Join this discussion to learn how it was achieved and how it inspired further success stories.


The roles of the private and public sector in creating a growing economy in SA

Discussion Points: What are the challenges ahead regarding the newly touted Agricultural Development Agency, and Government’s five-year plan to partner with the private sector in its initiatives?


Nasie in Gesprek fokus op Sitrus

In die laaste episode van dié reeks van Nasie in Gesprek kuier ons in Kirkwood by Pieter Nortjé, en Lindie Stroebel van die PMA en dr. John Purchase kom gee hulle landbouvooruitsigte.