AFGRI is a leading agricultural services company with a core focus on grain commodities. We strive for constant progression, growth, innovation and to forge our vision for food security in South Africa and across the continent. As a partner in agriculture we provide services across the entire grain production and storage cycle. We offer financial support and solutions as well as inputs and hi-tech equipment, supported by a large retail footprint. With our passion for development we invest in the development of emerging farmers, through our Harvest Time training program to foster strong future farmers.

At AFGRI, we believe that the journey to agricultural success starts with a trusted partner.


Monsanto is a sustainable agriculture company delivering agricultural products that support farmers around the world. We focus on empowering farmers—large and small—to produce more from their land while conserving more of our world's natural resources such as water and energy. Supplying leading seed brands in crops like corn, cotton, oilseeds and fruits and vegetables does this. Monsanto produces leading in-the-seed trait technologies for farmers, which are aimed at protecting their yield, supporting their on-farm efficiency and reducing their on-farm costs.


In today’s world, a bank’s relationship with the farming industry has evolved beyond just the offering of finance; it extends to include holistic and tailored solutions for everyday and seasonal operational requirements.  Nedbank’s Agri-Business  has empowered regional teams including agricultural specialists, who provide the necessary guidance and support on all agriculture-related requests, and ensure continuity, accessibility and quick decision-making. Contact us at


Senwes is one of the leading agri-businesses in South Africa and is supported by three pillars: Financial Services, Input Supply and Market Access. These pillars facilitate the company’s core objective of making a meaningful contribution to the agri-industry, by providing innovative and integrated solutions to all stakeholders in the food value chain. Senwes has a proud history of 107 years of servicing the agriculture sector in the North West, Free State, Gauteng, Northern Cape and Western Cape provinces.

Senwes’ strategic focus is on effective growth and diversification through horizontal consolidation and integration through its group of companies. With a strategic approach to facilitate of a sustainable agricultural sector, Nation in Conversation was launched under Senwes’ leadership.

Senwes takes the bull by the horns on the Nation in Conversation platform in discussing agricultural matters of international importance to break new ground for a viable agricultural industry in South Africa.



An Africa-based energy company focusing on the downstream refined petroleum products market and related businesses. The company’s core functions are the refining of crude oil, the marketing of our primary refined petroleum products and the provision of convenience services via our extensive retail network. Engen’s products are exported to more than 30 countries, mostly in Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands, and it has approximately 1,500 service stations in these regions. Its refinery, based in Durban in South Africa, has a nameplate capacity of 135, 000 barrels per day. Engen boasts extensive storage and distribution infrastructure, including: depots, terminals, lubricant warehouses, a bitumen plant and aviation facilities at leading airports.


John Deere
Since it’s founding in 1837, John Deere has seen a great many changes in its business, products and services. Change comes with opportunity, and John Deere has always been ready and willing to embrace it. Yet, through it all, John Deere remains dedicated to those who are linked to the land – farmers and ranchers, landowners, builders. Despite change, we stay true to our founder’s original core values of integrity, quality, commitment and innovation. The John Deere portfolio of businesses is varied, yet interrelated. Two of our businesses – Agricultural and Construction equipment – are in an excellent position to take advantage of global growth. Two additional businesses – Turf and Forestry equipment – support and enhance worldwide channel development. Additional supporting businesses – Financial Services, Power Systems, Parts Services, and the Intelligent Solutions Group – strengthen and differentiate our equipment businesses.


Grain SA was established on 10 June 1999 and was formed out of NAMPO (maize), NOPO (soybeans, sunflower and groundnuts), the WPO (wheat, barley and oats) and the SPO (grainsorghum). Grain SA provides commodity strategic support and services to South African grain producers to support sustainability. GSA is a voluntary association of grain farmers established to represent the interests of its members. GSA wants to be recognised as an autonomous and independent grain producers' organisation. It wants to be involved in all matters bearing on the wellbeing of the industry and to be consulted about policy issues relating to the industry. GSA is strongly apolitical and issues are dealt with only on merit and sound business principles without any party political consideration. GSA is controlled by farmers for farmers and structured to ensure members' democratic control over their elected office bearers.



Hinterland is an agricultural retail company built on traditional values and driven by innovative solutions. has been developed for you, the customer: here you can find contact details for all our stores, as well as useful articles, an agri calendar, career opportunities, information regarding our social media platforms and information about the products in our stores.


Imperial Isuzu Truck Centre: Official truck sponsor of Nation in Conversation TV series.

Nation in Conversation is proud to welcome Imperial Isuzu Truck Centre as the official truck sponsor of the Nation in Conversation TV series.

“Imperial Truck Centre is at the forefront of sales and after-sales service amongst Isuzu truck agents in the country,” according to Le Roux Roux, Franchise Director, and Ben Steenkamp, Sales Manager of their Isuzu agency. Their intention is to continue their involvement in the series and they are proud to be associated with the very popular Nation in Conversation.